Pajamarama Readathon!

pajamaWhat is a Pajamarama Readathon?

It’s a pajama party where we celebrate reading and getting library cards! You will be able to sign up for library cards, check out materials, and read books together.

When is it?

Friday, September 26th from 7:00-9:00 PM. We got special permission to open the library extra hours just for this party! Only those attending the party will be allowed to use the library at this time.

Who can come?

Children ages 5 and up, accompanied by an adult caregiver are invited to attend. We chose this age because library policy states that you must be 5 years old to have a library card. If your family has children over 5 and younger than 5, please feel free to bring everyone!

What are we going to do?

We will spend the first half hour signing up for library cards and looking at all the wonderful books the library offers. Then we will gather together downstairs in the Cole Room where we will read, play games, eat snacks, and sing songs. It will be fun, I promise!

What should I bring?

Well, definitely bring pajamas! Also, if you want comfy seating bring pillows, blankets, stuffed animal friends to snuggle in while you read. You may also wish to bring your favorite book just in case the library’s copy is out. Those who wish to donate snacks to share are also welcome to do so, but please avoid nuts. 

Do I need to sign up?

While we welcome you even if you don’t sign up, please do! You can do that by clicking right here and filling out the form. Signing up helps us prepare and get enough materials for everyone!


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