About Children’s Services

Welcome to the Medway Public Library Children’s Services!

Our mission in Children’s Services is to build a worthwhile collection of books and other materials specifically for children, ages 0-12; to provide excellent programming specifically for children and families; and to be a center of learning.

The Children’s Room, located near the Main Circulation Desk, is a space for children, ages 0-12, to play, read, and learn at the library with adult supervision. While we encourage all patrons to use the materials in the Children’s Room, the space itself is reserved for kids. Please do not sit in that space for an extended amount of time if you are older than 12, otherwise you will be asked to move.

We have a few rules in the Children’s Room to ensure everyone feels comfortable and the space is taken care of. By entering the Children’s Room you agree to follow these simple rules:

1. Keep your noise to a minimum. As long as you are not disturbing others, some talking and laughing is okay. Shouting is definitely not.

2. Use appropriate language.

3. Respect library property and the property of others.

4. Respect others. Keep your hands to yourself.

5. No phone conversations. Texting is fine, but take it outside if you need to talk.

If you need help with anything look for the Children’s Librarian, Mariah Manley, at the Main Circulation Desk or in her office; or ask another librarian to help you find her. She is always happy and willing to help with anything you need!

photo 1

The Children’s Room houses our board books, picture books, and early readers. You can also play here with our train table, our building blocks, and our puzzles.

photo 2

The Juvenile Room houses our chapter books for elementary school children and our non-fiction collection.


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