What Should I Read Next?

“What should I read next?” It’s a delightfully difficult question that librarians love to help answer.

If you already know what you like, our Read-alikes posts pair popular books with materials with similar themes, writing styles, humor, characters, or plots. If you want a quick easy recommendation you should check those out.

There are a few online resources that could help you:

If you need more help  please email me at mmanley@minlib.net. Include READER’S ADVISORY in the subject line so I know to get to it right away. Also, try to answer a few of these questions in the email:

1. How old is the reader?

2. Are you looking for a book on a specific topic? What is it? How will you be using this book?

3. What was the best book you read lately?

4. What was the worst book you read lately?

5. Do you like books where things happen really fast? Or do you like books that explore a character’s development slowly over time?

6. Are you in the mood for any sort of book in particular?

I’ll try to get back to you with a few recommendations with in a few days!



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